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Cold temperatures slow decline in libraries reason

Published:2014-01-12 14:17:40 Source:
Cold storage temperature of operation may be due to the slow decline in cold storage insulation is poor, poor performance is due to the pipe insulation , wall insulation and other Treasury insulation thickness is not enough , poor insulation and thermal effects, it is primarily designed insulation thickness when selecting improper or poor construction quality insulation materials caused . In addition, the use of the construction process , moisture resistant insulation materials, insulation may be damaged insulation cause damp , deformation, and even erosion, its thermal insulation capacity decreased, the amount of loss the library against the cold increases, the temperature dropped significantly slowed the library . Another important reason is the loss of a large warehouse cold sealing performance is poor, there are more hot air leak from the Treasury Department intrusion . In general , if the library door seal or cold seal appeared insulated wall condensation , then there Mifengbuyan secret . In addition , frequent switching library door or more people went into the Treasury, the Treasury will increase the cooling capacity loss. Open the doors should be avoided to prevent a lot of hot air into the coffers . Of course , the Treasury received into inventory frequent or too large , the thermal load increases sharply , to lower the temperature to the required temperature generally takes a long time .
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