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Characteristics of the soil structure in the form of food cold kneeling structur

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Cold storage structure mainly refers to bear the weight of each part of the building ( such as people, goods , equipment, etc. ) and the weight of the building itself is a major component , such as roof trusses, beams, slabs, columns, foundation , etc. These elements constitute the construction of power transmission systems , materials by different load-bearing components can generally be divided into the following structure types : 1 . The main load-bearing steel structural elements : such as beams , columns, trusses and so is composed of various types of steel , currently used for the assembly of large-scale cold storage . 2 . The main load-bearing structural elements of reinforced concrete structure is composed of reinforced concrete . Such as reinforced concrete beams, slabs, columns , foundation and other components of reinforced concrete frame system used for single cold ; multi-layer multi-use cold concrete floor without beam structure. 3 . The main load-bearing part of the hybrid structures made ​​of brick , reinforced concrete, wooden frame components. Such as brick , brick columns , reinforced concrete beams and plates , used for single small refrigerator . 4 . The main load-bearing part of a brick brick composition . Such as brick , brick columns, wooden floors, wooden racks . Such structures due to the extensive use of wood for the fire unfavorable , there is little use in cold storage .
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