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Automatic high single refrigerator shelves

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This is a new cold storage building forms emerged in the 1960s , it has the advantage of a single-layer and multi-layer cold cold , greatly simplifying the work of building structures , refrigeration systems, cargo handling and other aspects . This cold -storey typically 20 to 30m, library longitudinally located two or more rows of light produced by the multi-storey high steel shelves , shelf itself is a structural component of the building, prefabricated insulating panels on the exterior envelope is fixed (see Figure 1 a 2 ) on the shelf . Located along two tracks can be moved longitudinally within the warehouse level roadway automatic loader ( see Figure 1 a 3 ) between two rows of shelves, bottom shelf on one side , there are two export, import and export transportation by the roadway machines pick the device cargo handling operations and cooling system library fully automated operation , ensuring goods are managed by the FIFO principle , managers can be reduced to a minimum, usually only 2 or 3 people . This type of cold applied to high throughput and goods in and out quite a fan of large and medium-sized refrigerator . But automatic high rack single cold -time investment than ordinary cold 6. % To 70% ; while demanding technical level , supporting the complexity of the system , the higher level of management requirements. Currently, there has not been widely adopted , but it is the direction of the cold storage building development.
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