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Treasury introduced a multilayer

Published:2014-01-12 14:19:55 Source:
China's large and medium-sized multi-multi-layer cold storage warehouse, the number of layers is generally four to six layers should be adopted in order to take full advantage of elevator equipment, it will not affect too many layers of cargo throughput speed. Multilayer cold storage warehouse advantages: (L) the same storage capacity compared to single-layer multilayer Treasury coffers small footprint; (2) the external structure of a small area. Small cooling consumption, insulation materials provinces, civil cost less per square meter. Treasury's lack of multi-point: (L) multi-warehouse load is relatively large, the Treasury pillars are more effective utilization of the lower plane, and not conducive to the use of mechanical handling; (2) the total load large multi-storey warehouse. If the foundation is poor bearing capacity of the library site, complicated foundation construction, civil engineering high price; (3) limit the carrying capacity of the floor stack height cargo. Such as the use of mechanical stowing low utilization; (4) Treasury mostly multi-situ reinforced concrete floor without beam structure, site construction, longer construction period. In addition to cold storage warehouse architectural forms sub-monolayer and multilayer, there are underground cold storage, cold storage caves and other forms of cold storage.
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