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Cold procurement proposal

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A customer purchases three main criteria refrigerator : 1 Technical Standards cold procurement. Cold storage design criteria include: cold temperature and humidity are maintained , -18 ℃ or lower temperature fluctuations , as well as cold storage insulation condition . Cold storage platform into the ship and parking . Mechanical lift and stowage . 2 Cold procurement service standards and fees . Cold storage projects such as: stacking quality cold storage , the speed out of the library , package damage during transportation , as well as cold storage business hours ; cold storage fees are reasonable norms, as well as payment methods such as refrigeration costs . 3 out of cold storage transportation costs from the cold position and major transportation between points determines the level of transport costs . Of course, the road is smooth and by the need to pass also need to be considered. One too will clog the road and need to pass the road will increase transportation costs. Transportation costs have become an important factor in the refrigerator market competitiveness. Shippers freezing cold in the procurement of goods is more comprehensive consideration of three aspects . In the cold of technical standards, service standards and fees less the case , the impact of the cold storage area location out of cold storage transportation costs , thus becoming a critical element of cold storage purchases. Second , a cold storage building guidelines must be based on their usage and requirements, select the appropriate volume of cold storage and temperature range ; (2) understand the key material cold , cold parts of the performance , be aware of ; 3 shop around , choose good quality prices of superior businesses ; particular choose a good business reputation , cold storage network purchases when you can refer to the corresponding integrity index .
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