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More energy-efficient refrigerator design

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1 , depending on the storage of frozen foods and different period, to determine the appropriate storage temperature values ​​for various types of food , especially meat Biochemical changes during cryopreservation and addicted to low level of bacterial growth and reproduction are suppressed , can determine the appropriate optimum storage temperature, if not more than six months of cold storage , the general storage temperature -18 - 15 ℃; storage for more than half the time , should be ≤ -18 ℃ low temperature ; for large fat-containing foods , If more fatty fish, cold storage to prevent the oxidation of fats , should be lower than -18 ℃ storage temperature , preferably a temperature of -20 ℃ -24 a . Thus, taking a different storage temperature, for some foods, especially the case of a short period of storage, the equivalent of improving the evaporating temperature of the refrigeration system , thereby improving the cooling capacity of the refrigeration compressors. To save energy . 2 , between the freezing equipped with two-speed or variable speed fan. Food in the freezing process , in fact, is an exothermic process releases heat unevenly , and the corresponding cooling capacity of the cooling equipment required is also uneven . Food freezing process can be divided into three stages , the first stage is the cooling phase , the temperature dropped from the food > 0 ℃ 0 ~ C or so ; second stage is the stage of the formation of ice crystals , the food temperature is reduced from about 0 ~ C around -5 ℃; the third stage is to freeze the cooling stage , food decreased from about -5 ℃ -15 ℃. From the analysis, the three stages of the food frozen , the second largest amount of the refrigeration required phase , then all devices to be frozen between all put to work in both the two phase, the load is less heat per unit time , may be appropriate to reduce the cooling fan speed, reducing the amount of wind in order to achieve the purpose of saving energy . If using frozen between the chiller is only a speed not adjustable , so it will affect the freezing process, the amount of circulating air and indoor Hair speed adjustment. Thereby increasing power consumption. 3, to reduce the flow of cold storage building envelope heat index units in cold storage design , the cold storage unit exterior heat flow q generally use about 11.63W, if you can q drops to 6.9W / then for a 5000T ~ 10000T level the cold storage , it is estimated that power costs can be reduced by about 10%. Of course, the lower the unit heat flow indicators, it means building envelope insulation layer to thicken , increase the cost of a one-time investment , but compared with the reduction in operating costs often cold , then , both from an economic point of view or from the technology management point of view , the use of cold storage building envelope to reduce heat flow index units or reasonable cost-effective . 4 , the refrigerant evaporation temperature is reduced and the temperature within the storage temperature when the internal temperature of a storage warehouse , the warehouse with the temperature in the evaporator temperature and the temperature difference is reduced , the evaporation temperature can be increased accordingly , at this time , if the condensation temperature remains cold change, the means to improve the cooling capacity refrigerant compressor can also be said that the cooling capacity obtained under the same conditions , the power consumption can be reduced . According to estimates , when the evaporation temperature is lowered 1 ℃, 3-4 % will have more power . In addition, the reduced temperature difference between the value of the Treasury to reduce the dry storage of food consumption is also extremely beneficial. Because of the small temperature difference can be obtained coffers greater relative humidity , can slow the Treasury air exchange level of the thermal load , so as to reduce the consumption of dry storage of food , especially for the packaging of food processing is not stored , and more should be smaller temperature difference . 5, the utilization of cold storage building space , fully multi-functional role . Between the use of the freezing prosperous, low season , and the season is greater than the peak season time . In the off-season doubles cold room to storage packaged foods forming . This will not only increase the efficiency and economic benefits ; alleviate a variety of damage to the building envelope , etc. , to solve the temperature effect on the adjacent cold room ; accelerated food freezing rate, shorten the time to make better food quality ; also with cold using the machine , ultra- low temperature storage of special food
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