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Cold storage library board installation process and techniques

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1 in accordance with the design drawings , if the library is designed with the support beams, columns, supporting steel shall be in accordance with the design drawings , actinomycetes positioning, making accurate and clear signs ; welding or installing support beams , columns, supporting steel , etc. weld in accordance with requirements of the drawings do moisture, corrosion treatment . (2) to be installed in the library and the need to advance into the library 's equipment installed in place or put into the library proper position ; 3 library installed temporary lighting facilities , construction of electrical equipment installation layout is good , good rain, moisture , anti-collision , anti- rolling and other security work . 4 to start the installation from the library corner of the body wall library board , the corner with 30 × 30 × 0.5 color plate angle temporarily fixed ; When installing each piece of wallboard , combined with the surface of male and female slots evenly played two foam material, hit a wall of polystyrene foam material during installation . Playing material should be evenly continuous ; After siding in place, both inside and outside the two panels lap steel rivet connection fixed , rivet spacing library to 300mm is appropriate ; eccentric hook join the library board should form connections before installing the eccentric hook loose again, to ensure that the installation can be reliably locked. 5 top library board should be installed with alternating panels installed , wallboard construction equipment withdrawn leaving gaps ; library when the top plate mounting , and ends the lap steel skin panels 50mm should be disconnected to prevent the " cold bridges "run cold ; top surface combined with the library board to play two evenly between each block of foam material , the material should be uniform continuous play , lap steel inside and outside pulling rivets , rivet spacing to 300mm is appropriate ; 6 In order to ensure safe construction and operation of cold storage , the span between the top of the library board should be consistent support ( lifting points ) with the following requirements : polystyrene top library board ( thickness 100mm) maximum span of 3 m polyurethane top library board ( thickness 100mm) maximum span of 5 m 7 large span roof when the library board installation, if the library is already installed support beams should be installed at the top of each piece of the library board will support the library board and pull rivets with steel beams , each library board should beat the top two rows all three rivets ; If you are using the hanging point types , installation and construction work should be completed before the roof structure hanging library board installation and construction, to ensure that the library board is installed in the roof can be installed for each lifting point ; lifting point should ensure that each library board has at least two points in the width direction . 8 top of the library board and the library board top end of the seam to be treated to prevent leakage , run cold . After all of the top library board installation is complete, to be played in the seam foam material , with a rivet method to cover the width of 80mm color steel seams . 9 Installation polystyrene library , and the library board installed in the top vertical error should be corrected wallboard . The length of the top of the library board should be relatively short outer surface of wall 10mm, top library board after the installation is complete , the installation of outsourcing angle 10mm notch marked the foam material , to ensure the sealing performance library body . 10 top library board or wallboard requires drilling a hole , the first line should be positioned inside and outside the discharge requirements in accordance with the design drawings , after review and correct a hole punch ; into the line hole , into the liquid hole , back vent watering hole , drainage holes using openings openings . Punch a hole in a timely manner after the construction process orifice closed with a foam sealant materials to prevent leakage or run cold ; door , vents, transfer cargo ports and other uses decorative edging , pull rivets , rivet spacing inside the outer 150mm 300mm . 11 inner and outer corner rivet spacing was 300mm, 200mm; After polystyrene library is installed, the seams even hit a wall silicone sealant , decoration. 12 cold commissioning process, should someone check the library board should be reflective outer surface evenly , no condensation , run cold phenomenon ; checking seams , punch a hole at the sealed condition ; doors , passing cargo port , etc. There no Mifengbuyan circumstances, the timely processing degumming, leaks and other insulation , seal failure.
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