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Refrigeration technology future trends outlook

Published:2014-01-12 14:27:07 Source:
In the 21st century , a new refrigeration technology much attention , this is the thermoacoustic refrigeration . Compared with conventional vapor compression refrigeration system , thermoacoustic heat engine has an unparalleled advantage. Thermoacoustic refrigeration pollute the environment without the use of refrigerants , but the use of an inert gas or a mixture as the working fluid , and therefore will not result in the use of HFCS CFCS or destruction of the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect and harm the environment ; its basic institutions is very simple and reliable , no expensive materials, a great advantage of cost ; them without oscillations or the piston and lubricate the oil seal , so that no moving parts which greatly extend the life characteristics . Almost thermoacoustic refrigeration technology to overcome the traditional shortcomings of refrigeration systems , refrigeration may become the development direction of the next generation of new technologies . It is understood that all of the works are based on thermo-acoustic products called thermoacoustic effect , thermoacoustic effect mechanism can be simply described as dense sonic adding heat when , in the sparse acoustic exhaust heat , the sound waves to be strengthened ; contrary dense sonic when exhaust heat, heat when inhaled sparse acoustic , the sound waves get weakened. Of course , the actual thermoacoustic theory much more complex than this . However , the level of thermoacoustic refrigeration design and manufacturing processes are constantly improved. Currently, the U.S. investment in the field of thermoacoustic largest research organization the most, has achieved many breakthroughs . As the early 1990s , the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) developed by Professor Garrett thermoacoustic refrigerator ; around 2000 , has developed a solar -driven thermoacoustic refrigerator . Thermoacoustic refrigeration refrigeration technology will be the future trend of development .
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