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Cold installation necessary safety measures

Published:2014-01-12 14:28:31 Source:
1 brushing cold base oil and poured hot asphalt must pay attention to safety . Many of the construction team to ignore cold installation features , often as roofing "two felt three oil" as waterproof construction , shortening the cold base oil and paint pouring hot bitumen interval since the inner structure of the cold base oil components are not volatile gasoline on the roof fast and cause a fire. To do this, first select the safer cold base oil. Light diesel oil , kerosene and other volatile diluent slow slow modulation volatile cold base oil , although the drying time is longer, but the safety of many. Secondly, in the cold storage equipment installation brushing gasoline formulated cold base oil must be required 5-10 hours , usually overnight brushing cold base oil, gasoline components evaporate as possible . According to changes in the structure of the workforce , strengthen safety education . Quote combination of cold storage construction team currently working to increase the migrant workers , they lack the necessary fire safety knowledge. As Shanghai 's cold fire , even the lack of basic knowledge of construction personnel fire , causing the fire with a flame grill polystyrene . Take many forms rescue and evacuation trapped. There are people trapped determine when you want to ensure the safety of the situation , according to the fire situation, science rescue. You can save the people first , after the fire ; in the case under certainty can save lives , while fighting ; If no trapped opened fire hazard and must rescue channel , you can also take advantage of fighting to achieve the purpose of saving lives . 3 is equipped with the necessary fire fighting equipment . Due to mobility engineering team , and some do not deserve less often with cold storage site fire fighting equipment , fire once , you panic, unable to extinguish the fire in a timely manner . Therefore , cold storage site to be suitable for fighting with oils, bituminous large fire foam, dry powder fire extinguisher , just in case .
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