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Cold storage insulation and vapor barrier material

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Library board: pre-production, has a fixed length, width and thickness, the library member can be installed as necessary. High temperature in cold storage is generally used in 10 cm thick plates, cryogenic freezing library database and is generally used in 12 cm or 15 cm thick plates; polyurethane spray foam: by directly spraying the material in the warehouse, the formation of non-absorbent, separated preferably polyurethane hot plate, but higher cost. Spray foam polystyrene resin: This material is also formed polystyrene resin plate by spraying over the absorbent polyurethane panels, poor insulation, but lower cost. Because after damp heat insulation material, heat insulation performance degradation. Therefore, both sides should be a vapor barrier insulation boards can also be only the outer layer of moisture. Moisture-proof layer is generally made ​​of asphalt, linoleum, plastic coating, plastic film or sheet metal.
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