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Cold nursed back to health

Published:2014-01-12 14:30:21 Source:
First, the cold sealing parts nursed back to health because the assembly is to fight cold storage insulation board made ​​by a number of blocks, so there is an inevitable error between the plates, the construction of these errors will be sealed with a sealant, preparedness and moisture into the atmosphere. So the exercise in some parts of the real-time repair seal failure. Second, the cold storage installation or exercise lasting deactivated again, cooling rate to be fair: every day at 8-10 ℃ appropriate restraint, should be kept at 0 ℃ for some time. Third, the cold ground nursed back to health, as usual small prefabricated cold storage insulation board floor exercise, the exercise should be to prepare the ground there are a lot of cold ice and water, if there is ice, not exercising when finishing cut hard objects beat, destroy ground Fourth, cold storage library board recuperation, attention should note that the exercise of a hard object library body collision and scratching. Since the library board can cause depression and corrosion, severe localized heat storage body will function low.
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