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Cold storage essentials odor released

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1 , cold storage essentials lift odor of ozone method. Ozone has a ferocious oxidation dip , cold storage warehouse will not only eliminate odors, but also to avoid the development of microorganisms. Recovery of ozone generators , odor can be realized on the Treasury released. If the cold and storing more fat -containing foods , you should not recycle ozone treatment reward and punishment , in order to avoid the occurrence of fat oxidation and rancidity signs. Formaldehyde method. Will move inside the cold storage warehouse goods , organizing and de- odor disinfection with 2% aqueous solution of formaldehyde ( ie, formalin solution ) . Vinegar method. Installed over the fish cold storage warehouse , heavy smell of fish . The remaining food should not be installed , have to be loaded by thorough washing after the lifting of the remaining food fishy . As usual to get rid of the fishy smell of vinegar recovery essentials essentials . Detailed essentials are: fish after a cold , the frost layer on the evaporator tubes rid clean and maintain warehouse temperature below 50 ℃, and then press the cold storage warehouse for each cubic meter of volume of 50,100 grams with vinegar amount of preparation , with a sprayer to library jet , the first library door blocked precision , start the blower off and let the vinegar volatile and library activities, so a lot of vinegar receiving fishy . After as usual after about 424 hours of cold storage doors open , sustained blast blow for hours outside the library can be vinegar . 2 , because of the occurrence of the cause of the smell of cold storage in the so-called odor of cooking that is cold and food materials under the influence of external identity through physical and chemical changes occur in an abnormal smell , Over time, this flavor will adhere to cold walls , the ceiling and the equipment and devices . Odor occurs in cold storage , as usual , said there is reason to cause the following aspects : the cold did not enter the food before there is a smell exists. Cold front into the food there signs of erosion, deterioration , such as deterioration of eggs, meat, fish and so on. Over the fish cold storage , washing that is stored without meat, eggs , fruits and vegetables or raw food , infections and deterioration caused by the negative atmosphere . Cold , poor ventilation , temperature and humidity is too large, resulting in fungal blooms occur mildew smell . Cold storage refrigeration pipes leaked refrigerant ( ammonia ) cause corrosion to food odors occur. Cold temperature does not drop , resulting in deterioration of perishable meat flavor erosion occurs . In this environment, multi- produced meat is not frozen , freeze that is transferred through the library storage. There is a difference in the flavor of the food cold storage warehouse , causing food odor another infection . 3 , preparedness essentials refrigerator odors occur refrigerated foods into the refrigerator , it is necessary to review the end of Britain , there is no deterioration of the store before storage . Before the arrival of cold storage warehouse shall smell exists. If odor processing skills necessary to Britain at the end reward and punishment , only be exercised after the lifting of smell. Generalities to enhance the maintenance of refrigeration equipment , non- inverted stack discharge , preparedness and therefore smashed pipes, causing refrigerant leakage. Food in the cold process , it is necessary to make the inevitable cold warehouse to maintain the temperature of frozen foods shall be held transfer system library or store . If the temperature does not drop down cold storage warehouse , you should find the cause of reason , then the food processing line to be released. Cold storage shall be stored inside each other infectious confusion miscellaneous food .
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