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Shanghai Wei Hong Refrigeration Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional production and cold storage refrigeration equipment full service company that provides various types of cold storage, refrigerated cold storage, dual temperature refrigerator, and assembled cold storage, cold medicine, food cold storage, cold storage of fruits and vegetables, quick-freezing cold storage design, engineering, installation and service of cold storage. For a long time, the company has scientific management, modern technology and professional personnel for the foothold of this enterprise, vigorously develop to meet market demand for all kinds of refrigeration products. Variety of cold storage products based on existing national and industry cold storage design specifications and design standards, supporting the import of energy-efficient cold storage equipment, cold storage panels, cold storage doors are the company's own production base, have adopted advanced production line assembly line production, the world's leading insulation properties, saving environmental protection. We have been focused on the development of the refrigeration industry and development, and strive through our years of experience and hard work for the majority of users to solve the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, logistics and cold chain industry, food industry and other fresh, frozen, refrigerated needs best.

Wei Hong refrigeration design team has a first-class, long-term stability of the accumulation of knowledge and skills, based on high-quality team of engineers we can early in the project design stage of the general layout, equipment layout, process flow diagrams, service. Management design team based on customer requirements and the actual situation, combined with years of practical experience, to provide the best for your project design and practical solutions.

The company's refrigeration equipment widely used in food, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, industrial, chemical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, electronics, fruits and vegetables, flowers and other industries to provide excellent cold storage systems. He has medium-sized food plants, agriculture, medicine, electronics, hotels, chemicals and discount supermarkets provide frozen, refrigerated, frozen, IQF tunnel, low temperature experiments large logistics centers, universities, aerospace, military, government agencies, etc. room, artificial climate chamber design, production and construction of the installation. With excellent construction quality and perfect after-sales service, won the unanimous praise and praise.

Wei Hong refrigeration advocate honesty, the pursuit of excellence in business philosophy, to provide customers with tailor-made cold storage design consulting, program planning, on-site installation and after-sale services. Not on price not false propaganda, welcome new and old customers letter calls business negotiations!

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