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Perfect after-sale maintenance services :

installation of cold storage equipment, refrigeration systems under normal use , since that system commissioning date of acceptance , Party B is responsible for one-year warranty , man-made or damage caused by force majeure , not covered under warranty .          

· Our after-sales service personnel regularly on a quarterly basis to conduct a comprehensive and detailed examination of all the equipment for the project , identify problems and timely contact with the Party and the technical staff to resolve the problem .          

· My company for the maintenance and use of electric control box for refrigeration equipment party personnel training, to ensure the normal use and operation of management and technical personnel of the Party system.          

· In case of repair called Party , Party ask service personnel in the specific circumstances , will arrive within 24 hours of the accident scene identification, come up with solutions to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system within 24 hours.          

· when you receive a telephone party technical consulting engineering and technical personnel , service personnel Party will be patient and meticulous explanations.          

· After Party refrigeration maintenance personnel to identify faults , proactive personnel to Party statement causes of failure.          

· refrigeration equipment maintenance staff attentive , timely, and does not affect the normal use of Party .          

· 24-hour telephone service to ensure smooth flow .          The reason causing damage

· Non- Party units and equipment , all costs borne by the Party ( except for man-made damage and force majeure ) , and promptly resolved.          

· ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration system can throughout the year .          

· service hotline :021-66078189

Pledge :

professional design, installation and professional services. The company's sales not only products, sales colleagues and comfortable , the main service . Each company sells products, you will get a comfortable and satisfactory service simultaneously. The company's service is included in the pre-sale and after-sale the whole process of the product.          

1 Pre-sale services :.          

industry and product advice, product selection and supporting design          

2. sale of services          

user's needs is the duty of our company, our users expect to do in the sales process, we will closely communicate with the user to provide users with a set of best selection and implementation.          

3. service          

improve customer service is our pursuit , we will provide users with comprehensive installation and maintenance services , so you have no worries .

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