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Refrigerated cold storage building design:

known, cold storage is an important part of the refrigeration plant is to provide cooling, freezing and cold storage space for all kinds of building a cold foods. The role of food production establishments cold, cold storage layout and production process to be subject to the conditions of carriage, and shall meet the requirements of the device layout. Cold storage layout should primarily work the following aspects; determine cold storage building program; cold storage layout and vertical layout; cold surfaces needed to determine the species.          

cold storage building program is based on the nature of cold storage, the scale of production, process, equipment installation and used building materials and other conditions and the specific circumstances of the library site and determined. It should also meet the requirements of use, hygiene, construction technology and architectural art. Cold storage building currently used in roughly the form of the following three categories:

First class: large span single civil cold .          

second category: a large single- span prefabricated cold storage .          

third category: the appropriate multi- span civil cold storage .          

for production or integrated cold storage building layers , should be based on refrigerated cold storage plus process to determine the direction , such as when the vertical layout of multi-layer construction type building , while the horizontal layout should be used as a single layer ( construction type or modular ) architecture, for goods in and out frequently are advised to adopt a medium-sized refrigerator single construction type or modular cold storage , cold storage is best choice for small single modular cold storage .
         height design

refrigerated cold storage :

With improvements frozen food packaging containers , is now standard containers , suitable for fully mechanized handling and stacking work , so single -story cold storage can reach 8m ~ 15m, its construction has become increasingly widespread , according to the International refrigeration Institute estimated that from 1965 to the present , the world's new single modular cold storage in the refrigerator about 70% of the total cold storage buildings, and most of the assembled structure.          

in cold storage building, 2 to 3 -storey building is not suitable for the construction of large refrigerated cold storage . Because more than two layers of cold storage, installation of elevators for vertical transportation needs , but often cold lower layer 2-3 elevator utilization, and investment in refrigeration equipment use and not economic . Due to the dynamic load large cold storage , cold storage for more than seven layers must be greatly increased capital investment pedestrians is quite high, while the vertical transport volume increases. So cold layers of the multilayer usually 4-6 layers should be used . Meanwhile, the cold is best to close the main building shaped body in order to reduce the surface area of the external structure .          

storey warehouse should be based on the requirements and the method of determining the heap of goods , and consider building a unified model. At present, the height of the cold storage stack goods in general 3.5-4m, single cold storage headroom is generally 4.8-5.0m members using the car left the roadway automated palletizing single cold not limited. Between multi- storey cold storage refrigeration should be more than equal to 4.8m, when the multi- energy cold basement , basement clear height of not less than 2.8m. Storey freeze between the device and the airflow needed to freeze the organization to determine the general eset4.2-4.8m. Time frozen and refrigerated rooms located within the same layer , the height of the latter can be determined . When the brine layer of ice building workshop desirable 6.7m, artificial ice cold heap -storey building in general 4m above the flash can be mechanically stack to 5-10m.

provide optimal project design :

design and construction projects on the refrigerator , you may perhaps understand a part of all to understand , perhaps you are looking for a two or even more , contact the manufacturer , to hear different options and prices , the limited time spent numerous phone Mail even met during the interviews , each said each eventually justified, how do you identify which approach is most appropriate and you want something ?          

We will give you one-stop service , roughly as long as you provide your wishes , we will provide comprehensive project planning , design, different brands of equipment quotes , engineering, installation , engineering, service and other items to give you the best solution. Let your limited funds into projects that best meet your needs .               

If you know the following , then you will have a good project for the cold grasp of :                    

you need to know from the construction of cold storage size : dimensions in m          

you need to know from the construction of cold storage inventories design temperature : -25 ℃ depth below freezing refrigerated refrigeration 0 ℃ -18 ℃ 2 ℃ preservation preservation 10 ℃          

you need to know to build cold storage since the total inventory : 20 tons 50 tons 100 tons 500 tons 1,000 tons 5,000 tons          

you need to know the date of the construction of cold storage access volume : total library 2% 5% 8% 10% 20%          

you need to know to build cold storage temperature from the minimum cooling time : 6H 8H 10H 12H 24H          

you need to know to build cold storage project from the refrigeration unit of the brand manufacturers : Emerson Copeland Germany比泽尔西克Dalian Sanyo ( Japan), France and the United States and gifted musicians in Italy , France Taikang Fujitsu Hitachi Howard U.S. Carrier Turin, Italy < / p>          

Do you need to understand the construction of cold storage equipment from domestic or imported : If you only know one or two, then you find more manufacturers get just compare the prices of various spiky ? For policy makers the limited working hours, quotes comparison spent so many manufacturers , then you how not to spend a limited time , we provide you with practical projects and programs . Cold storage projects let you know too much to do , all day long and never have a different e-mail and phone manufacturers will visit .

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