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Cold storage site and building design :

cold storage should be built on convenient transportation, water, reliable electricity supply source of local , libraries around the site should have good sanitation , industrial and mining enterprises try to avoid harmful gases , smoke , dust and other pollution from the hospital for infectious diseases . Meat , fish and other cold storage plants in urban residential areas should be arranged a minimum frequency of summer wind windward side , located near the origin of the goods or facilitate distribution areas. Building construction generally cold and frozen , cold auxiliary buildings , transport facilities, management and living room space between buildings and ice building and other components. Cold and frozen construction referred to as " Cold " include temperatures between about 0 ℃ cooling , freezing temperatures between -23 ~ -30 ℃ , the temperature at -12 ~ -20 ℃ cold room , and the temperature of -4 ~ -10 ℃ storage temperature of the ice storage room in the pre-cooled between 0-4 ℃ (the row between acid ) . Cold storage layout should make reasonable process , the route is short, do not cross , high and low temperature area clear, to minimize the area of the building envelope , the distribution of neat column grid , taking into account the easy expansion and maintenance. Its general plane into a square , often built multi-storey cold dumbbell or monomer type . Dumbbell -type high-temperature and low-temperature repository library into two separate envelope structure , in the middle hallway convergence, use better. Monobloc high , with insulation between the low temperature for the floor and wall separated the ground , connecting hallway doors and room temperature , set the air curtain on the doors to prevent cold air spills library . Cold wall , ceiling, floor to be laid low thermal conductivity materials such as rice husks, cork , asphalt , block , etc., as expanded perlite insulation system , now more commonly used is proof plate or extruded polyurethane spray , there are the polyphenylene ( good moisture resistance ) , heat to prevent the external library immersed for increased heat load. Outside water vapor to prevent penetration into the insulating layer , the insulating layer is needed on the high temperature side of the large laying permeation barrier material, such as asphalt or the like as a gas barrier layer , moisture-proof polymer material generally used at present .

cold structural requirements :          

cold storage building from the beginning to the equipment installation construction is generally carried out at room temperature , the structure of the system is also in normal condition ; rather cold and put into use , the structure of the system is at a low temperature environment. Due to the structure of the system caused by the temperature difference between the deformation is much larger than ordinary buildings, and therefore must be calculated temperature stress to prevent " cold bridges ." Floor freezing measures should be taken to prevent the ground from Keelung caused buildings destroyed. Antifreeze should be used at the same time strong materials to enhance the structure of the freeze resistance and durability.

bearing structure is generally small refrigerator beam plate structure , and large multi-storey multi-use cold -situ reinforced concrete floor without beam structure. In recent years, prefabricated beam floor with no lift- construction with no beam floor frame structure is being gradually extended . Retaining wall design in addition to cold storage to meet the strength and stability , we must also keep the insulation and continuity of the gas barrier layer to conform to building thermal requirements. Cold by the time the roof structure of direct sunlight longer affected by temperature changes , expansion or contraction will produce distortion , should adopt prefabricated , so deformation between the components to be adjusted , thereby reducing the total deformation . To prevent the adverse impact of the retractable roof on the wall generated between the roof structure can be designed to sliding contact with the wall surface .

cold storage refrigeration compressors :     

condensing units should be avoided in high-temperature environments , should be installed in the addition of an outdoor awning to avoid the rain or direct sunlight . The inlet side of the air-cooled condensing units away from heat, adequate spacing around the unit should be kept unobstructed air flow path and to avoid the formation of air short circuit ; water-cooled condensing unit should be installed in a dedicated room space is reserved for regular cleaning of the condenser required and to ensure that cooling ventilation equipment room. If the system layout or compressor location , ambient temperature and other factors that may cause the system refrigerant migration to the compressor , we recommend using crankcase heater , and long before the trial run and stop and then start the compressor before the fence adequate warm-up .

condensing unit should be installed horizontally in a strong enough base unit and adopt effective measures to shock . Before running the unit to absorb shock and reduce compressor starts foot spring compressor special vibration transmission should be adjusted to working condition. Shock tube compressor and the installation should be as close as possible along the axial compressor , radial shock absorbers mounted horizontally is not allowed . must be grounded when

condensing unit installation. Users should allocate sufficient capacity, according to the unit power supply and three-phase five-wire power cables and install the appropriate breaking , fuses , earth leakage protection, and other security devices , and configure the appropriate electrical control systems. Installation of electrical facilities should comply with the relevant standards. Care must be taken compressor model nameplate to confirm the appropriate connection method .

condensing unit model last letter "X" has ester lubricants are filling . This unit should use special tools such as vacuum pumps, filling and refrigerant recovery equipment , pipe fittings and other installation and commissioning operations , in order to prevent cross-contamination ester oil and mineral oil.

pipeline : General

can be welded connection of refrigerant pipe , threaded connection or flange connection. Before refrigerant piping connecting the unit and system , you should first release nitrogen remaining in the condensing unit (pressure about 0.5bar). As the refrigerant piping system requires a high degree of cleaning , use a dry and clean inside , no oxidation , no residue connecting pipes . When taken threaded or flanged connections, should be taken in the proper fastening methods to avoid distortion force pipeline to ensure junction formation and sealing. When taken threaded or flanged connections should be noted that using the correct fastening methods to avoid distortion pipeline force , Yasumasa junction formation and sealing. Should be taken as pass welding in the pipe with dry nitrogen , using a low melting point of silver and copper alloy solder melting degree of control in order to reduce the pipeline oxide formation. If the installation process, the remaining refrigerant pipes (even in a non- pressure state ) , the part of the pipeline must first evacuated and flushed with dry nitrogen to be welded , otherwise it will produce acidic substances after the refrigerant and oil heat.

When installing the system if you can not confirm that the system has sufficient internal cleanliness , the proposed compressor breathing tube near the road to install a large capacity filter system in operation for some time after its removal. water-cooled condensing units condenser

carried outlet pipe can be galvanized steel , stainless steel, plastic hose or soft brass and so on.     

pick out the unit to the liquid refrigerant pipe diameter should not exceed the unit itself, the liquid pipe diameter. To improve the performance of the system back to the oil , should be minimized under the control of the intake pipe pressure drop and noise increase suction pipe provided in particular to ensure a sufficient inner diameter of the refrigerant with the oil flow rate. To avoid oil being brought back through the exhaust pipe refrigerant compressor cylinder head, exhaust pipe may be needed to set the road bends or check valve oil collection . After the test run the system can demand

the evaporator outlet and the compressor suction line between the valve cover with insulating material .

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