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Culture - Shaping connotation; idea - to promote the development

Life criteria: confident, optimistic, tolerant, open-minded, easy, motivated, active, unity, dedication, responsibility.
Doing things guidelines: Dos and Don'ts
Life skills criteria: neither reality dissatisfied, they can not meet the status quo.
Core competencies: quality, service, technology, efficiency, innovation, integrity.
Quality concept: There is no best, only better.
Service concept: customer first, service motive.
Technical philosophy: professional, keep the lead.
Efficiency concept: Quiet as a child, moving like rabbits.
Innovative concept: the company's development, dependence and innovation.
Team guidelines: lack of which person will not work, which can be less.
Management guidelines: first ask accountability.
Service standards: first reopened, and then fix the theory.
Employment criteria: capable, the mediocre, Liezhe elimination.
Staff criteria: school life, doing things after work.
Market rules: none let market.
Products: we do is technology, quality, service, efficiency and innovation.
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