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Wei Hong refrigeration service's aim is "customer-oriented, rapid response." In the high sense of responsibility to the user, for the user to think, for the user's needs, quality first, service first, surly service work.

For services to provide you solemnly promise as follows:


◇Refrigeration equipment warranty period for the acceptance of the device for 12 months. Warranty period as a result of the equipment that product quality problems, provide free service from our side.

◇ Project Warranty: 12 months after acceptance within.

◇ provide free technical guidance and equipment installation and commissioning services.

◇ Lifetime Price offers consumable parts and assist users overhauls.

◇ training to users on behalf of the two technical operations staff, free training fees, food, lodging, transportation expense.

◇ provide users with the maintenance crew.

Value-added services:

◇ Technical personnel to the scene when debugging user operations personnel will conduct on-site lectures and hands-on training, allowing users the operator has the ability to operate independently.

◇ company service staff will visit regularly or irregularly, and complemented by "greeting services" to ensure smooth service system.

◇ free at any time to provide users with technical expertise, equipment advice.

Service support system :

company dedicated service center , opened 24 Times repair phone , received telephone repair , city maintenance personnel rushed to the scene will be in 3 to 5 hours , rushed to the scene within 48 hours outside the cities . General failure to resolve within 24 hours , 3 days to resolve a major failure .

◇ service center dedicated person responsible for answering user questions in a variety of equipment used in the process .

◇ Tel :021-66078189

◇ Address : Room 1208 , No. 4711 Transportation Road

Services Supervision :

in control, I give full play to the advantages Wei Wang refrigeration control automation systems , integrating all the devices , making it highly reliable , full-featured , high-performance, equipment automation of unmanned systems . In terms of production , strict quality control to the customer's point of view, everything excellent solution for customers looking back !

company to the credibility of survival, quality service and development of business rules , in such a competitive society with professional technology , preferential prices dried up as every customer to provide a more professional service !

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